Guiding & empowering WOMEN through life's cycles


Our philosophy

Ode … a celebration of women & life’s cycles. We believe in empowering growth through transitions. Bio-harmony to us is aligning to inner and outer cyclical rhythms of life, those being of nature & within, in order to form a connected whole. Harmony is unique to every woman, unique to every cycle. It is discovering & embracing the full aliveness of our bodies.

Our wish is to share a holistic women’s health & wellness approach of movement, mindfulness and education, fostering connection to oneself and community ... transcending generations.

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A HOLISTIC women's health platform guiding & empowering WOMEN throughout transformational LIFE CYCLES


Lisa-Marie Farley, DO.

Osteopath, co-founder Ode

Recognized for her broad expertise of combining therapeutic exercises and manual osteopathy, Lisa-Marie brings an empowering and holistic approach to health & wellness. Osteopath, ELDOA, Somatraining & osteopathy teacher, entrepreneur and retired high level gymnast, she has accumulated 13 years of experience in working with a broad clientele, particularly professional athletes and women.

Lisa-Marie’s life mission is to bring awareness to as many people as possible on their own healing journey and empower them through accessible, customized and high quality resources.

Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto, MSc. PT, BSc. Kin

Physiotherapist, co-founder Ode

Bianca has grown to let life flow through her via artistic gymnastics, representing Canada internationally during her youth. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology at the University of Florida while competing as a Gator gymnast and later pursued a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy at McGill University, specializing in orthopaedic manual therapy and pelvic health rehabilitation. She treats a variety of clientele with a special interest in supporting women of all ages with pelvic floor dysfunctions.

In awe of the transformational potential of life’s cycles, Bianca’s mission is to empower women to discover & cultivate their own healing powers through transitions.

We merge both expertise and philosophies of physiotherapy & osteopathy to offer resources that embrace the full potential and aliveness of a woman’s body. Both past high level gymnasts having experienced movement to express, heal, regulate & energize ourselves, we believe that intentional movement, mindfulness & education can rebalance and heal the body. Now, we want to share this gift with all women.



Therapeutic movement (exercise, stretching, yoga, rehabilitation), mindfulness (meditation, breathwork) and educational resources to harmonize the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle or transition as a trans woman. Exclusive access to our experts, Lisa-Marie & Bianca, workshops and intergenerational Ode community.

Woman’s cycle

Embracing your cyclical rhythms as a menstruating or non-menstruating woman


Harmonize your body & mind with trimester-specific therapeutic movement (exercise, pelvic and abdominal preparation, stretching, yoga), mindfulness (meditation, breathwork) and educational resources. Created & guided by our pelvic health physiotherapist, Bianca & osteopath, Lisa-Marie. Exclusive access to our experts, workshops and the intergenerational Ode community.


Harmonizing your trimester-specific preparation


Heal & embrace the postnatal transition with therapeutic movement (exercise, pelvic and abdominal rehabilitation stretching, yoga), mindfulness (meditation, breathwork) and educational resources. Feel fully supported up to one year after giving birth with exclusive access to our pelvic health physiotherapist, Bianca and osteopath, Lisa-Marie, workshops and the intergenerational Ode community.


Supporting your mother transition


Discover the wisdom of perimenopause & menopause transitions via therapeutic movement (exercise, stretching, pelvic optimization, yoga), mindfulness (meditation, breathwork) and educational resources. Live in harmony, supported by the exclusive intergenerational Ode community, with access to our experts & workshops.


Embracing your wisdom

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