The Ode Philosophy

The Ode Philosophy
Lisa-Marie & Bianca

Osteopath and Physiotherapist, co-founders Ode

June 3, 2021

The Ode Philosophy
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Ode … a celebration of women & life’s cycles.

Holistic health & wellness

We believe in addressing health & wellness in all of its globality. We, as humans, are an interconnected whole, with all the necessary resources within our body, mind and spirit to create harmony within ourselves and with our environment.  

We view our bodies as a vessel, our link between inner (biological/vital processes) and outer resources (environment, community). Our body has a deep knowing (intuition) that manifests itself physically … if only we listen. We express physiological interconnectedness through our fascial system, a web of structural connections, acting as a source of communication between all systems of our body. By tapping into this system via movement, we can self-regulate, harmonize & empower our natural healing and creative powers. In this way, we view movement as a celebration of our bodies

Movement IS life ... intentional & intelligent movement allows us to connect, align & create in our life. Through movement, we can connect to ourselves and to the present moment, allowing our body to self-regulate and adjust to its needs. Our movement approach at Ode is based on fascial movement methods, stimulating this system to help bring alignment, space and resiliency to our bodies.  It may also bring a community in unison, our wish for Ode. 

As manual therapists, our thoughts are that "A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself." We believe in empowering women to discover and cultivate their own healing powers. 

Bio-harmony is our way of life ...  our way to holistic health & wellbeing.


Bio-harmony to us is aligning to inner and outer cyclical rhythms of life, those being of nature & within, in order to form a connected whole. Harmony is unique to every woman, unique to every cycle. It is discovering & embracing the full aliveness of our bodies. We bio-harmonize our lives by embracing our natural resources. “Bio” means a living organism and “harmony” is a combination of separate but related parts, using their similarities to bring unity. Juste like Ode is a poem representing the artistic essence of our platform, bio-harmony represents our creative & fluid approach to health & wellness. It’s an artistic science.

Our outer rhythms are the seasons, cycles of the moon, cycles of the sun (which act on us as our daily circadian rhythm) and nature in its globality. Our inner rhythms are our biological processes, such as our infradian (menstrual cycle) rhythm and our life transitions as women. We are all cyclical beings, and anyone (non-menstruating women, trans women, men) wanting to embrace this way of living can do so by embracing the natural cycles of nature. 

When we discuss harmony, we can’t ignore it’s counterpart - dis-harmony, which may appear periodically. It's completely natural and that’s where the practice starts ... By being aware & acknowledging the unbalancement, and listening to our intuition to help us create harmony again.

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Tools to bio-harmonize our lives can look like: 

  • Connecting to our senses
  • Connecting to nature
  • Connecting to our community
  • Connecting to our intuition
  • Movement
Mission & values 

Our mission is to provide accessible women's health & wellness resources to as many women as possible by guiding them to discover and embrace the full aliveness of their bodies.

We believe in empowering growth through transitions. There is a unique potential for transformation in transitions as women. We’re constantly in transition and we are deeply connected through these. Transitions are often perceived as burdens in our society. We wish to evolve our perceptions of transitions to an empowering source of growth and connection. 

We believe in connection to self & community, transcending generations. There is wisdom in connecting with women from different generations, cultures, backgrounds and life experiences. This is why we want to reconnect women in a safe & inclusive virtual space. 

We believe in intuition as a way to discover our own healing & creative powers. Connecting and developing a relationship with our intuition (inner compass) is not a destination, but a process … guiding us to bio-harmonize our lives. A process that is cultivated by first stopping to listen (before it stops us), building awareness and finally trusting that it’s taking us in our unique direction. 

We hope you feel inspired to join our community in becoming to continue celebrating our resiliency, beauty and power as cyclical beings.

About the author

The Ode Philosophy
Lisa-Marie & Bianca

Osteopath and Physiotherapist, co-founders Ode

Lisa-Marie & Bianca are manual therapists and therapeutic movement specialists. They merge both expertise and philosophies of physiotherapy & osteopathy to offer holistic health & wellness resources to women. Both past high level gymnasts having experienced movement to express, heal, regulate & energize themselves, they believe that intentional movement, mindfulness & education can rebalance and heal the body … their wish is to share this via Ode.